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First Ely Photowalk for 2020

Welcome to Photowalk’s Ely 2020

The first Photowalk of 2020 took place on Sunday where we enjoyed the lovely January sun trying new techniques and learning new things with 1-2-1 tuition.

Getting to know each other

We met in Caffe Nero in the High Street, Ely for a friendly coffee where we shared our Photographic experience and expectations of the time together.

I spend some time with a lady called Lorraine; Lorraine explained earlier that she was getting mixed results from her Canon camera and shoot everything in full ‘Auto’ mode. Lorraine had researched other modes but either didn’t fully understand when to use them or practise the methods often enough.

1-2-1 Tuition given on camera settings
Tuition with Lorraine by the river Ouse.

1-2-1 tuition on essential camera functions

Just off the Ely City Centre high street, we found a very quiet spot to start talking about different Photography techniques. We started with the ‘Exposure Triangle’ (you can find a good article HERE). Focusing on the critical functions of ISO, Shutter Speed & Aperture with scenarios of where you would want to give one feature ahead of any other. The benefits of putting a camera on a tripod to give you thinking time.
We also discussed other critical techniques that are important to get the photographs you can be thrilled to share on social media.

We finishing talking about tools you have in your camera to check for the correct exposure.
First, the histogram to give an idea of the overall exposure. Black is shown on the left, mid-tones in the middle sections with white on the right. A key concept to grasp with the histogram is ‘Expose to the Right‘.
We finished with ‘Blinkies’ to quickly identify areas of an image that is overexposed with no detail at all.

Digital histogram to set the correct exposure
Digital Histogram

First shots in full Manual Mode

After some time, we moved to the beautiful Ely Cathedral and city park, here we put some of our learning to practice. Lorraine was thrilled to have mastered ‘Manual’ mode taking full control of all the features of her camera.

results from 1-2-1 tuition
Shot by Lorraine in full manual for the first time
First time using manual mode after 1-2-1 tuition session
Another shot by Lorraine in full Manual mode

Ely Riverside

Moving the Photowalk onto the riverside, I set a task to set up a camera to take a shot focusing on the ‘Depth of Field’, this allowed as much of the image to be sharp from front to back.

First time using manual mode after 1-2-1 tuition session
Shot by Lorraine in full manual mode but setting a large ‘Depth of Field

The 2nd challenge was to freeze the birds in flight. The emphasis here was to maintain manual control but to set up the correct exposure with a fast shutter speed to freeze the action.

First time using manual mode after 1-2-1 tuition session
Shot by Lorraine in full manual mode but setting a high shutter speed

Other images shot taken on the day were supplied by Jon. I hope you enjoy all the images taken on the day.

Follow up events

I’ve set up a Facebook group to allow for members to join, share photographs and make constructive comments. Please click HERE to access the group and join if you haven’t already.
Everybody is welcome with a smile.

We’re also running 1-2-1 tuition sessions and more photo walks in the coming months, please check our Event page for details.
For other enquiries please contact us HERE.

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