Landscape Photography Yorkshire Dales

Landscape Photography in the Yorkshire Dales

The road to Scotland via Dent

February eventually brought about our long-awaited week-long trip to the west coast of Scotland. We’d planned this trip for some time, to travel from Cambridgeshire to meet our friends who run the Meadowside Cafe in the very charming village in the north of the Yorkshire Dales called Dent where we’d stay overnight before making the trip north to the west of Scotland.

The preceding day brought extremely heavy rainfall throughout the country with parts of the Yorkshire Dales cut off due to floods. We started at first daylight with a five-hour drive in front of us to Dent. With just one shortstop on the Newark area, we eventually hit the rugged, gorgeous drywalled roads of the dales before stumbling across the delightful scenery of the Newby Head viaduct; we had to stop off for a few minutes to take in the view.

Landscape photography of Newby Head viaduct Yourkshire Dales
Lovely scenery across the valley to ‘Newby Head viaduct’ in the Yorkshire Dales

The local area of Dent

During a very cold and damp afternoon, we took a walk to the River Dee, due to the limestone in the riverbed the flow had returned to an ordinary level in shorter than 24hrs.

Long exposure, landscape photogrpahy
River Dee, Dent, Yorkshire Dales. ISO 100, F11, 10secs.

We then discovered this wonderful waterfall emerging from the hills of the Yorkshire Dales, believe me; the water was icy cold with the rain dropping pretty fast at this time.

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The next leg of the trip from Dent to Western Scotland will follow soon.

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