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Recent PhotoShoot – Jess Warner

Back in September, we had a request from a young lady in Warwickshire following a search online to come along and visit her to plan a portrait photoshoot with herself, her sister and their three horses. The request was generally outside our usual working area, but it sounded too exciting to turn down.

After a chat online we arranged a date to come along with all our equipment to do the portrait photoshoot, unfortunately, rain was forecast for later in the day, so we set to work as soon as we arrived. The stables near Harbury (Warwickshire) had a lovely lake so we set up there for the first part of the day with the beautiful grey pony ‘Pearl’. We would usually use a form of flash and reflectors to enhance the light, but with horses involved, this was certainly out of the question, with the low light due to the cloud this caused a big challenge.

Points to consider:

  • Keep the ISO level as low as possible to give the highest quality and allow the final prints to be as large as possible.
  • Keep the Aperture as wide as possible to give the shallowest ‘Depth of Field’ and separate the subject from the background.
  • The shutter speed wasn’t too much of an issue as the subjects were as static as they could be.

For the second part of the shoot, we moved into the stable area and introduced ‘Fred’ and ‘Softy’ alongside ‘Pearl’ to the training ring. As the rain came down harder, we huddled around the screen with excitement to download the images and viewed them for the first time.

The girls were thrilled with the results; we shared some examples after a quick edit it Photoshop only to find them all over social media by the time we arrived home back in Cambridgeshire.
We first shared an online portal to allow them to choose their favourite images, the girls ended up with several canvas prints and a 20-page photobook to retain the memories for all time.

To see the results at the end of the job is precisely the reason why we love to work with our customers and produce lovely lasting memories.

Equipment used:
Canon 6D mark 2
Canon 70-200mm F2.8 lens


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