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Planning the Day

I had a free Saturday at the end of February and hadn’t been to the Suffolk coast for some time, so I grabbed the opportunity to travel to Fexistowe. As is always the case, I did my research on the most desirable shooting points along with the weather and being on the coast the tide times.
The weather was not good in the week preceding up to the Saturday; it was forecast to stop raining about 11:30, high tide was forecast for 15:26. I had my window, with a 90-minute drive ahead I set out about 9:30, arriving at the Felixstowe Docks at 11:00.
I got out of the car to horizontal hale and a 30-40mph wind, it didn’t look very appealing 🙁

Landguard Point

With the weather clearing, I made my way to Landguard Point, which is attached to the docks. There I located a lovely spot on the shingle beach with an excellent foreground point of interest and the massive container ships and dockyard cranes in the background.

Seascape Photography Landguard Point

Interesting Sea Defences

As the high tide was less than 60 minutes away, it was time to move onto another location I’d scouted out. I drove the 2-3 miles along the seafront to a site with some fascinating stones which formed part of the sea defences in Felixstowe. Here I climbed onto the enormous rocks to get an unrestricted view of the rocks out into the sea, the wind was gusting to 40-50mph at this time, so I had some strange looks from the locals walking past. Regardless of this, the wind made for some fantastic waves and caused the clouds to race across the sky.

Seascape Photography Felixstowe
Interesting sea defence in Felixstowe. ISO 100, F11, 25 sec, 10 stop ND filter

Incoming storm

On the way back to the car, I couldn’t resist stopping off to capture an incoming storm with the sky turned very gloomy overhead the docks area. Avoiding the sea spray on the beach, I set up to start capturing the moody atmosphere, smoothing of the sea with a long exposure added to the mood. I hope you like it.

Seascape photography, long exposure
Incoming storm over Felixstowe docks. ISO 100, F11, 30 sec, 10 stop ND filter

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